editing individual captured frames

I need to move a single frame (captured by SLR Canon Rebel) from the timeline into Photoshop to edit.I have tried editing in ‘Preview app’ ie saving a screenshot of the frame,putting that in Photoshop and then inserting the frame back into the time -line but it always stretches the frame for some reason ,so is unusable - any ideas

Change the editing app to photoshop in the iStopMotion preferences. Now you can directly open it in Photoshop. As PS is aware of different Pixel Aspect Ratios, there shouldn’t be any stretching issue.

thanks,I have selected PS in ‘Preferences’ but not sure how to open the selected file to edit in PS directly from the timeline …,I know I’m probably being stupid but am I missing something ? To get arouns the proble I have been disconnecting the camera from Istopmotion and capturing a single frame here or there on the camera to edit in PS then entering those files … a real head ache !

If you right click a frame in the timeline, you’ll get a context menu with the option to edit in PS

OK ,I get that but,how ,then do I get the individual frame to open.Photoshop launches fine but how do I open the individual frame ?

Hi again, what I mean is how do I locate the frame.Once I’m in PS ‘Open’ to where ‘Movies’ - looked there nothing appears … not sure what to do next.

Bastian,could you please advise when you get a free moment as I am waiting to start an especially time consuming section of my project which would be made so much easier if i could edit a frame directly in situ in PS
thank Gary

sorry to be a pain but I really am waiting to get on with my project,but if it is possible to edit directly in PS I would rather wait until this could be explained

If I select “edit in Photoshop CS 5.1” in iStopMotion, the image is opened in PS. Now I do my edits, save and close. iStopMotion the auto updates to the edited version.

What version of PS and iStopMotion are you using?

OK,I telephoned your tech line yesterday who tried valiantly to help but had no luck with their suggestions.

I have solved the problem though to a degree,although a single frame will still not appear in PS when I select ‘edit in PS’ (I am using PS version 9.1.0).

The way to get the frame in was to copy frame then open PS, paste the frame which appears stretched vertically so I then I go to ‘Pixel Aspect Ratio’ - ‘Custom Pixel Aspect Ratio’ and set to 1.100 which gets the frame back to normal size for re introducing into the Istopmotion timeline.

No idea why it doesn’t work like yours does though

So Hooray !! I can get to work