Editing a "stack" of pictures

You know what I mean…such a GREAT new feature of FM4! Problem is, being able to see/adjust only ONE photo in the stack, without the others clogging up the view! Dragging each one to the top of the stack, temporarily, sometimes helps. They other thing I’ve been doing is first do preliminary pans/zooms/timings before the photos are placed in the stack; still has a lot to be desired. POSSIBLE SOLUTION? When in VIEW:Expand Visual Tracks, for each slide, be able to view all the OPTIONS for that slide ONLY, with all the others hidden. (This relates to my suggestion elsewhere for a “HUD” in this view. I bet someone is already ahead of me on this, so COME ON IN! Bye R@y

Thanks for our feedback. Please try the “Lock Layer Selection” option in the “Edit” menu. This will lock the current layer selection so that you don’t mess up other slides. Also we tried to improve the layer selection behavior in the latest release so that once a layer is selected all the corners of it are preferred to be edited even if they are hidden. To select a certain layer you can hover over the timeline, wait until the slides of one stack expands and select a single one in this stack view.

So are we to assume that you cannot lock just one image or one stack. When I use the Lock Layer Selection it locks all the images and text throughout the while file despite the selecting only one image etc?

For there developers at FM. The thing that would be very usefull would be a ruler top and side. Or/and the size of the ‘visual’ image in the info window, so it can be exactly reproduced in the next frame.

I haven’t used the “Lock Layer Selection” option in a while, but I just went to play with it and it doesn’t work as expected (or as it did in previous versions).

nostrebor is correct – I couldn’t get just one layer to lock, either. And if I clicked on the layer that I locked in the Timeline, then put the pointer in the working area, I was still able to move it. Somethings goofy.

As for rulers – YES!! I’ve been asking for those for a long time :slight_smile:

If you want to reproduce the “size” of an image from one frame to the next, use the Copy Geometry and Paste Geometry features. Does that solve your problem?

So, what I’m finding now is that by using the Lock Layer Selection, it’s not really “locking” it so that you can’t select it at all. It’s kind of “isolating” that layer, making it harder to click on it in the working area and doing something with it. You have to go to the time line to select the image on that layer, and then do what you want. When I do the Lock Layer Selection and click the mouse INSIDE any of the images on that slide, they will then ROTATE when I move the pointer. If I click OUTSIDE of the image, they will move if I move the mouse. It’s not very intuitive at the moment (FM 4.5.4).