Edit Placeholder or Template

Where are there any demos on how to edit the templates? I want to put an image in Placeholder A, but the size isn’t right. I cannot find ANY help AT ALL on how to edit templates, and all search terms return the same page. I did a search on a direct word from a post and that post didn’t show up.

Love the software. You need help with your knowledge base, Forum, and helps.


If I understand you correctly you want to edit the build-in templates? The workflow is as follows: You create a new document with the template you want to change. Then you do all the modifications to the document you want (change images, change settings, change output resolution etc.). After you have finished editing the document you choose “Save as Template…” from the “File” menu. An assistant drops down, where you are able to customize the appearance of your template in the template chooser (including description text, preview image etc.). Once you filled out the fields the template gets saved in “~/Library/Application Support/Boinx/BoinxTV/Templates/”. The new template is then displayed in the template chooser at the top when you create a new document. However the build-in templates aren’t changeable.

Here is some more information about BoinxTV:

Hi, I would like to get rid of templates I created to solve a boinxTV bug… and, I cannot find these templates at this location :
“~/Library/Application Support/Boinx/BoinxTV/Templates/”

In Library/Application Support there are two folders :
and BoinxTV/BXTrackerQueue

There is NO template folder associated to Boinx or boinxTV !!

Where the hell are these templates?? thanks!!

OK found 'em within :: com.boinx.BoinxTV in the context of the user
library/application support