Dynamic Text from file

Are there plans to add a layer or source that will allow for rendering text that is dynamically updated from a text file?

There are some tools such as StreamLabels from StreamLabs that will put information into a text file. I would like the ability to add this content into my stream and have it updated when the file gets modified.

I have been attempting to do this myself. So far in Quartz Composer I have had success with modifying the Static Text Layer from mimoLive by affixing a few patches to the Text Input of the Static Text Layer. I have put in a Kineme String With File patch to read the contents of my file and had success with a Wave Generator (LFO) patch set to Square Wave to pulse the Update Signal input of the Kineme String With File patch every few seconds. This works fine in Quartz. I can modify my file and within the Period set for the Wave Generator the text in Quartz viewer will update to the new text from the modified file.

The problem:

Once I load the composition into mimoLive and set the file path and update frequency and make it Live, the text displayed does not update after the initial load of the file. This seems to indicate that layers that are live do not continue executing the Quartz patches. Also if I make the layer not Live and then make it Live again the text still does not update. The only way I have found to get the text to update is to choose the file again in the layer settings. This does not solve the issue that I am trying to solve as I cannot during my stream be adjusting settings every few seconds to ensure that the data updates.

Any ideas as to how I can solve this or at least information on how mimoLive handles the execution of Quartz compositions of Live layers?