Any way to insert a dynamic element into a page? For example, if I want a graphic that updates automatically…???


I think that would take some development in quartz composer then you would have to build that into a custom layer for Boinx. what element & data are you wanting to pull in?

Another way is to use the build in screen source: If you are able to set up your graphics element in a web browsers view, you can capture its window and use it as a video source in BoinxTV. You can get a new screen source by clicking on the action wheel in the sources repository of BoinxTV.

this may help…how do I set up screen source?


@lorcott: To get a new screen source open the “Sources” repository in your BoinxTV document window at the bottom. Right above the “Sources” button you will find an action gear menu. If you click on it you will get a popup menu. Select the “Add Screen Source” menu item. A new screen source will get added to your sources repository. In the source inspector on the right you can click on the “Show” button and you will get a black frame on screen which shows you which section of the screen its captured. You can position and resize this frame the way you need it. Drag the screen capture source from the source repository to a layer in your layer stack above in order to make it active and use it.

OK…I do everything, but when I try to drag screen capture source to layers, it will not stay. It bounces back to the repository.

@lorcott: My apologize to be unclear with that point: You only can drag it to layers that uses a video source as input. Those layers will show a green translucent drop zone where you have to drop the screen source. The other way would be to select the layer (e.g. the “Placer”) and head over to the left to look into the layer settings. Here you will find a popup menu with the video source associated with this layer. Click on that popup menu and select your new created screen capture source. (You are able to create a new screen capture source in that menu too, thought)

ok…I’m almost there. I set up the screen source on my browser, but when I return to BOINX, the selection box follows back to boinx and does not stay with the browser window. uggg

Any help Achim?

@lorcott: I guess that you setup the screen capture source to capture the browser window and when you go back to BoinxTV the BoinxTV document window is going to overlap the browser window and gets visible in the captured stream? We only can capture things that are visible on the screen, not behind windows that are overlapping. You will need to make space on your display for the browser window to always be visible.

oh…ok. That answers it. Thanks Achim.

However, the Boinx control screen needs to be active for any keystrokes to work, correct? I’ve tried it with the control screen minimized without luck.

@lorcott: Yes, the document window must be the front most one in order to receive the keyboard events.

Working…link solved and finished! thks.