I have 2 Canon HV30s which I use - one at a time - for live capture (no tape) direct to disk with Firewire using either Quicktime Pro or Screenflow. Having read the BoinxTV thread, it appears I’ll have the same problem with your product I experienced with QT Pro and Screenflow. Despite the fact that the camcorder is ‘rated’ as a 1080p device, it appears that it only records to tape at that resolution, but will not live-capture to disk via Firewire at more than standard definition (normal or wide screen). To make matters worse, the camcorder will only be ‘seen’ by the QT Pro or Screenflow when it is set to DV as opposed to HDV. I today discovered and followed the advice given in the thread a few years ago - installing HDV codec - but regardless whether I set the HV30 to HDV, HDV30, HDV24, neither Quicktime Pro nor Screenflow ‘sees’ the camcorder. Could you explain why this is so? This DV-HDV conundrum has been driving me crazy for 3 years.

I’m really looking for a solution that will allow me to record in high definition rather than in standard definition, not only for increased clarity but also to decrease distortion: A standard definition 16:9 clip pixel has a different height to width ratio compared to a high definition 16:9 clip pixel. Uploading a standard definition file to YouTube results in it being re-rendered as a high def. file and what was a square pixel becomes a rectangular pixel (or vice versa…I can never remember which).

We have a couple of HV30s in the office and they work just fine. Make sure to set it to HDV30 as this will deliver Progressive Video.
Sure to reassure: You installed the Apple HDV Codec for QuickTime?
Without this very codec that normally only comes in the codec pack for Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro makes it work.

Thanks for your prompt reply. The newest Apple HDV Codec (and other great ones such as ProRes) can be downloaded free at support.apple.com/kb/dl1396. If you don’t have an installed version of FCP, Compressor or Motion, the package installer will refuse to install them into Library/Quicktime. The trick is to use an unpackaging app to unpackage the codecs and then install them manually. This is what I did; nevertheless, both Quicktime Pro and Screenflow still do NOT show “Vixia HV30” on their respective source menus unless the HV30 is set to DV (normal) or DV (wide). If I set the HV30 to any of the 3 HDV settings, the only device recognized on the softwares’ source menu is my internal iSight camera (or my c920 webcam, if it is attached). Since I’m really just trying to use the HV30 as an external webcam and not as a recording device, I can’t understand why (i) it is only being recognized by various capture/recording softwares only when set in DV mode and (ii) why the softwares are capturing and recording in standard definition (480p) and not in high definition (720p). I’d appreciate if you could explain what’s going on.

Here’s an update. I tried a trick that seems to ‘activate’ the HDV codec. I opened Garageband and then closed it. Since then, the HDV Codec is working, at least with QT Pro. Now, I can set the Vixia HV30 at HDV30 and QT Pro not only sees the camera but actually records in high def. rather than in standard def. Success! However, Screenflow will still only see the camera if the Vixia is set to DV mode. Could you explain why I’m still having this problem with Screenflow?
Next question: I assume that Boinx will see the Vixia, but will it only record in standard definition?