Does ducking work in 4.2? I love this new version but am unable to lower background music by checking the ducking box and setting the amount of ducking.


The ducking feature is affecting “other” audio tracks while the one you are looking at in the Options panel is played back. So if you have a narration track you should select the “Ducking” option on this one in order to lower the volume of any other audio tracks playing back at the same time.

Achim, I am using V4.2, sorry but Ducking DOES NOT WORK with a film clip in any layers. A clip (I use .mov files) does not lower the background music but activates all the other audio tracks, this is absolutely not usable.

I’m sorry! The essential part was to use a “film clip with audio” as the slide. Now I could reproduce the bug and it will be fixed in the version 4.2.1. Thanks for your bug report! (Please note that a “steps to reproduce” description helps a lot to identify bugs lot quicker :slight_smile: )

Great Achim, but I used a “film clip with audio”, a .mov file from my Camera, this file has a video and an audio track. In V3 this is working!

@karlie: Sorry for not being clear about this: Yes, there is a bug with video and audio ducking in FotoMagico 4.2 and we are going to fix it in 4.2.1. Please be patient, it is coming!

Achim, first thank you. You are very fast in answering.
Can you think about the following change request:

  1. Would be nice:
    Setting audio marker (yellow point) anyplace and as much as desired in all audio tracks. This would be an elegant method to control the audio ducking. The yellow line should be movable individually between the markers. Each marker should have a fade in and out.
  2. More important:
    All objects (audio and slides) should be movable using the mouse in the time line view. At the moment the comment tracks allways docks at the left or right side onto a slide and the ducking is always active the whole slide length. Although the audio track partially covers the slide, the other audio tracks will be silent the COMPLETE!! slide length.
    I would like to put a comment between a few slides or more important e.g. a short comment in a panorama. The problem is, a short comment in a long slide lowers down the other audio tracks for the complete slide time.

@karlie: Thanks for your feature request!

The feature in FCPX works great for this - select a range of say an long audio clip and then adjust the audio and it automatically adds keyframes before and after as you reduce the level for the selected portion. Very nice!

forgot to say "looking forward to FM having that function: :slight_smile: