Dual Monitors in FotoMagic 5 Pro

Went through the users manual for FotoMagic 5 Pro but was unable to ID any info for use of dual Monitors, i.e. work space (1) + preview (2). What Say You Friends. FotoMagic 5 Pro is awesome.

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There isn’t. I’ve already posted a feature request for implementation in FM6. Desperately needed for such a powerful software imo. Unfortunately not much support from the community so far.

Here’s the thread: Multimonitor support

Support appreciated.

I’m betting in the real world that there are not “that many” 2-monitor users out there (compared to the number of single monitor users), and I’m not trying to take anything away from those that work like that. Personally, I have a 13" MacBook Pro sitting off to the side of my desk with the lid shut, connected to a 27" BenQ Professional monitor, so basically I’m using a 1-monitor setup (although I could switch to two if I wanted).

I don’t know how much coding would be needed to provide the ability for a dual monitor configuration, but I’m sure Boinx (Peter) has it on a “wish list” – it would no doubt be a boon to those that want it, but it’s probably not high on the list of things that need to get done right now to get ready for the new FM 6.0 release.

But I would support that option if support is needed :wink: