DSLR shooting fails on macOS Sierra

Ever since I upgraded to macOS sierra, I have not been able to use my DSLR with iStopMotion. I open iStopMotion, plug the camera in, turn it on, and select the camera as the source. It prepares successfully, and I’m ready to shoot. Now I’ve tried this on two cameras, the Canon Rebel XTi (which doesn’t have live view) and the Canon Rebel T4i (which has live view but is not supported for some reason by iStopMotion which makes no sense because the T2i and the T5i are both reportedly supported). With both of them, when I take a preview shot, the camera itself will shoot, but then there’s an alert that says captured image cannot be downloaded to camera…

I’ve tried restarting camera, updating firmware, using different USB ports and cables, installing EOS Utility, reinstalling iStopMotion…

The change log of the latest update from the App Store states that it fixed DSLRs in Sierra… no it didn’t…

Same here.
Very frustrating.
Latest version with Canon Rebel T3i giving the “cannot be downloaded to camera” message to then crash next time I click the preview button.

Any comments from the team?

Sorry for the trouble! Please can you double check to run the latest iStopMotion version 3.8.2? If you experience crashes, please send the crashlog via email to me (achim(at)boinx.com) so I can have a look. Please copy the crashlog from the “Details” section in the “iStopMotion unexpectedly quit” dialog.

Hi Achim,
Thanks for your reply.
I’m indeed using 3.8.2 and the crash happens on both my Macs: iMac 2016 and MacBook Pro 2011, both with Sierra.
I just sent you the crash report (please check your spam folder)


I to have this issue. Just went to try it with my T3i which has always worked in the past and it shoots and then crashes. I submitted the log and hope to see a fix soon. Wish I knew about this before I needed you shoot an animation for work :frowning: