DSLR Kamera (550D) connected with BoinxTV

I have BoinxTV on my MacBook. Currently I have connected 2 Logitech c510 Webcams to the Notebook but we will get higher quality so we are thinking about buying a new camera. A big camcorder like the canon xha1 is too expensive so we would like to buy a DSLR camera like the canon 550D or 600D. would that work with the macbook and if it would work, what connection port do I need? The macbook just has a firewire port but I guess the camera just has a hdmi port. So do I need a connection module like matrox or something like that?

Thanks for your help

We can’t really recommend using the HDMI port of DSLR cameras as video sources for BoinxTV. The reason is, that the video format don’t have the quality you would expect: It shows letter boxing black borders, also it shows the set up menu overlay from the camera itself. If you happen to have the camera please see yourself by connecting it to a TV set. If you are satisfied with the output you can certainly use a Matrox product to bring in the HDMI signal to BoinxTV. See our Studio Equipment page for Video Input devices:


which MBP do you have? @Achim is right about the output, but you won’t be able to input that HDMI signal with a Matrox box unless you have a Mac with an Expresscard slot or Thunderbolt. There is one box out there from Grass Valley that will convert HDMI to HDV via firewire but I haven’t used it with BoinxTV before & it converts down to 1440x1080i…

I think you would be better with a camcorder with HDMI out. the new ones that just came out from Canon are nice & not expensive. You won’t have the ability to change lenses tho but do you really need that?

Thank you for your answers.
I use an early 2011 MBP 13". It’s quiet enough for two Cameras on 1280x720 resolution. There is a Thunderbold and a Firewire slot. The thing, why I prefer a DSLR is not the possibility to change lenses but a Canon 550D for example just costs about 700$. I think camcorders a much more expensive.

unfortunately I disagree with you on the 13" being capable…I got a 17" early 2011 that can barely handle it with 2 sources (dropped frame here & there). the 13" won’t have enough power, the intel graphics aren’t that strong for this kind of work & it’s only a 2 core system (mine is 4). not to mention, there is only 1 box you can daisy chain via TB & it’s $1,500 USD each :frowning: In the states, I can buy 2 decent camcorders for what the DSLR will cost you but I know in Europe they have additional taxes on video cameras so you may be correct on that one.

well, I use the MBP 13" since half a year and it works great. At 29 frames with 1280x720 resolution. Great and without lagging. Two USB Cameras, 1 USB Microphone.

unless you have a lot of light, webcams rarely run above 15-20 fps. boinx will say it’s running x fps but that doesn’t mean the cameras are… a USB webcam ≠ to HDMI input. the processing goes up considerably. there’s much more data to deal with & render, it’s a better picture for many reasons. I’ve used bonxtv on several different Macs going on 3 years now & why I eventually wound up getting the 17" MBP. it’s not the best option overall (Mac Pro with the biggest ATI card would be) but the option I could afford / fit my needs of portability.

It does not have to be portable. So what hardware do you prefer if you dont’t want to spend much money? our budget is close to zero. The 13" MP and the BoinxTV software was the most expensive in our equipment. The Webacams were about 50$. Do someone have an idea how we can get better image quality whith less money? we do have 2 DSLR cameras whith HDMI. My MP has one firewire and thunderbold input. Is there a cheap HMDI connecter like the Matrox MXO2 which could work and does my macbook even handle the data?
Or do I need a better Mac system and which one?
Thanks for your answers