Drawing feature to Mouseposé


I bought myself Mouseposé about a week ago. It is fantastic! Thank you very much!

As a music teacher, I would like to have a possibility to draw a visible layer in different colours, on top of a students file.
For example: I get a harmony task from a student made with Sibelius notation program or sent me as a pdf -file. My job is to search for mistakes. When I do find mistakes, I would like to draw with mouse red lines to show where the mistakes are.

After the red markings, in Mac, I can take a photo of the desktop to have the original task with the correction markings on top of it, and send this file back to my student.

What do you think, could it be possible to add this type of feature to Mouseposé?

Best regards,


I’ll hand that feature request to the developers.
I’d rather recommend the free software Highlight (http://krugazor.free.fr/software/highlight/) that does that already or get a free copy of Skitch (http://www.skitch.com) that lets you draw on screenshots right away.

Hi Bastian,
Thanks a lot for the links. I´ll try them.