Don't know how to stream a video

I love the BoinxTV Software, nice looking, a lot of functions, but I can’t solve a problem, so I’ll explain you my idea.
Let’s say I have a video (ex. Basketball game I recorded), and now I want to stream it, but in the same time I want to be able to pause it/rewind and analyze a lot of things (like pro do). This are the problems I find myself to deal with:

  1. First I can’t pause/rewind a media I’m playing. So I tought: Ok no problem, I’ll open the video with a normal video Player, and from there I’ll pause and rewind, and to capture all this I’ll select my Source as “Screen”. But than I had this problem
  2. How do I stream My desktop? Because to stream I need to open the pop-up Window and with all the “Camtwist tricks” I can hide the window and work on the desktop, but then I can’t use functions like the “Painter”.

So the real question is: How can I stream a prerecorded video, using functions like pause/rewind and in the same time being able to use the “Painter/Spotlight” functions.

Thanks for the help!

Unfortunately you are right: BoinxTV don’t give you control on the playback rate of video media it plays back.

I would use a video player app to display and control the prerecorded video. Use SoundFlower to grab the sound to be put into BoinxTV. overlay this with the Painter layer in BoinxTV. Also I would place the live window (used to capture to camtwist) right above (or below) the video player apps window, so I can see both of them and have the controls (play/pause) near my painter window.

Maybe a second display connected to your computer will give you more desktop space to place all the needed windows?