Doing a horizontal split screen

I’d like to have one video source across the top, and one across the bottom, but I only see a 4-up split screen. Any way to do this?

To make a split screen of two video sources in BoinxTV you have to use two separate “Placer” layer on top of each other. Please switch the option “Geometry > Show as:” to “Custom…” in both layers to reveal a bunch of additional parameters to control the output. In the bottom “Placer” layer you select your camera source A in the “Video Source” popup menu. In the “Geometry” section you only have to setup the “Position Y” parameter to move the image down half the screen (Maybe you have to adjust the “Zoom” parameter as well if your camera source has a different pixel dimensions than your BoinxTV recording format). In the second “Placer” Layer you choose the camera source B to be displayed. In the “Geometry”-“Custom” settings your move the video image up by adjusting the “Position Y” parameter. Now use the “Mask Bottom” parameter in that layer to crop the bottom of the output.

Additional you can record the same keyboard short cut for both layers to switch them on and off simultaneously.

Because this should be much easier I will take your comment as a feature request! :wink:

Having trouble with my cameras. The hv20 video doesn’t appear. Does it need to be recording to output video via FireWire?

Figured out the camera issue. Needed to switch the HV20 to DV mode.