Does Bionx has still any interest on user ?

It seems that nobody is interested in the user satisfaction. This forum is full of unanswered questions!
Obviously Canon Cameras are not supported properly. I can work with either a Canon 450D still 1000.
I have money for a software subscription form, rate to support the dictates Cameras, this is not but is doing in reality. The software is full of bugs and crashes constantly. A work in actual fact impossible!
I want my money last for a functional software!

What’s iSM without LivePreview worth? Nothing! That’s why the main function User iSM buy.
For months, users wait for a remote-Support of IOS.

My request:
Basic Suport for all current Canon models it live preview

I am currently very disappointed and frustrated!

Have you tried the support email? Though they do seem to say that employees will visit the forums. I think there is a list of supported Canons somewhere. I think they have a beta version with support for remote iOS cameras too.

me too.