Dissolve zooms too much and joining audio tracks.

I am a newbie to the FotoMagico software and want to ask is there a quick way to make the zoom on the pan and zoom not zoom as much? I want my slideshows to be a little more subtle with slow zooms. Also with the audio, is there a way to transition one track with another? I am a Final Cut Pro user so have been spoilt with this feature. Thank you in advance.

  • Zooming: FotoMagico just puts in a random zoom factor when you add an image to give you a starting point. To change the effect for a certain image simply select the image in the storyboard on the bottom of the window. You will get a split editor view. Select the image on the left side (starting point) and use the zoom scroll wheel below to zoom to your starting zoom value. Then select your image on the right side and use the same zoom wheel to set the end zoom state. Zoom speed also depends on the display time, so you may change the display time in the options panel on the right side.

  • Audio: currently (version 3) the audio just fades from one to the next on slide changes.

Sorry to jump in but can you do a batch change of the zoom to multiple images at once?

@KeithFlood: To copy an animation from one slide to multiple slides, do the following: edit your pan/zoom-animation in on slide until you are satisfied. Then right-click on the slide in the story board and select “Copy Animation” in the context menu. Now select all the other slides which should have the same zoom animation in the storyboard and right-click on anyone of them to get the context menu. Choose “Paste Animation”. All the selected slides will get the same pan/zoom animation parameters.

Thanks very much Achim, that is perfect!

That is very helpful same here thank you.