Displaying Images in a Sequence

Sorry if this is a really obvious point, but am currently looking to move to Boinx from another software package which is displaying a series of PNG images in a sequence with a crawler overlaid.

Really enjoying Boinx so far and have an image displayed with the crawler as expected, but need the image (with transparency and opacity) to change in a sequence every 5 seconds.

Is there an easier way of doing this than creating a video overlay using the desired images?

Many thanks

Can you please point us to an output example of what you mean? I have to admit, I really don’t understand it.

Sorry If I wasn’t clear. Basically though, there is a presenter on the screen with a bottom on screen graphic which displays a series of different offers and a small print scroll.

Currently we are running this as a slideshow of 20 PNG files over the footage and I can’t find a similar method of doing so with Boinx.

Any clues?

Many thanks