Disappointed: Epiphan VGA2USB = Interlaced Awfulness

I was excited to upgrade our live streaming workflow by buying the Epiphan VGA2USB and using a second Macbook Pro to handle the encoding and streaming.

Is anyone successfully doing this? The BoinxTV video output coming from the VGA2USB is interlaced and looks absolutely terrible. I tried various settings within the Epiphan capture software as well as Adobe FMLE and nothing made a difference.

I have the output at 640x480 60hz. Hopefully I am just doing something wrong. For $300 I expected a decent looking picture, but this is unusable.

Thanks for any insight,


I haven’t tried it yet…but I am going to have a similar setup… I hope to switch between video and PowerPoints using two different laptops…the output of the video switch will go through a VGA splitter…where one split goes to a projector in the room and the other split goes to the VGA2USB PRO ( the $2000 version)… I am not worried about the powerpoint stream, but I am really hoping that the VGA2USB will be able to handle the video… If not, I may have to load the videos on the MacBookPro running BoinxTV.

Good luck… I will let you know how it goes…



Did you try the automatic setting in the capture utility? That might help

Through the VGA2USB driver we don’t seem to get an “Interlaced” Flag. This means no deinterlacing will be applied to the video stream. Did you try it in the VGA2USB Software as well? Is it interlaced here too? If so did you contact Epiphan about this?

Thanks for the replies. Yes, the video was interlaced regardless of how I brought it in. It would appear that is simply how the VGA2USB product works as shown here: http://www.epiphan.com/products/dvi-frame-grabbers/dvi2usb/compare-dvi-and-vga/
I spoke with Sewell Direct at length and have returned the product. The $700 DVI2USB Solo appears to be the next product in their price list that would do the job properly, although it is out of our budget/price range.

I don’t think the VGA2USB should be recommended for this application (BoinxTV output to secondary computer for broadcast), although it looked like it would work quite well for static screen presentation grabs.

If I am wrong or anyone else is successfully using the VGA2USB to capture moving video without interlacing artifacts, please post.