Disabling 60 Hz Refresh Rate

Not sure if this would be possible, but I need to disable the 60 Hz refresh rate on the external monitor? Right now I have the option to switch between 60Hz and 50Hz and unfortunately some of the staff using the system aren’t remembering to set to the correct rate for broadcast here, leading to long periods of no video being put out.

This is often being done remotely so the problem isn’t being picked up for hours sometimes…and sadly seems to keep on happening. Is there a configuration file somewhere which could be edited to remove the option so it defaults to 50Hz?

BoinxTV 1.9 don’t touches the screen resolution or the frame rate of external monitors anymore. You have to setup the proper settings the the Displays Preferences of MacOS-X. Doesn’t this work for you?

The frame rate you can setup in the document settings of BoinxTV tells you how often BoinxTV is rendering a frame. Each frame gets recorded into the movie file and displayed on screen. (regardless of the display refresh rate you are working with).