Direct Integration of Keynote Document

hi ! what´s the best recommended way to present a keynote presentation ?
sure, there is screen capture on the local machine… our users are not really comfy with it as they cannot present in fullscreen and see this as a window- or screen source within mimolive.
is there a way to get the keynote document into mimolive in terms of importing as a source ?
what do you recommend ?

@“chris halasz” We recommend running the Keynote or PowerPoint on the presenter’s computer and connect that through HDMI via a HDMI USB grabber.

If you have working Internet and the presenter computer is also on the same network, you can also use mimoCall to capture the screen via network. Just open a mimoCall in a Chrome browser on the presenter’s computer and use the screen sharing to transmit the computer screen.

thx, oliver. we have tried the mimocall way as well, switching between camera & document is not working very well. it often stays black when switching between camera & document and doesn´t turn on. only a restart or reconnect from within chrome helps. guess the plugin is not done yet ?
capturing the screen of the presenters computer is the best way i guess. thx, chris

Hi Chris Halasz,

Besides the obvious we tried different approaches and then went back to the obvious.

Depending on the setup we only run the the presentation from a separate laptop either connected to a BMD switcher or directly to a computer running mimiLive with a BMD Mini recorder. Either way performs as desired.



Thx Colin

We use the Magewell XI100DUSB-HDMI USB Capture device for HDMI -> USB. It’s small, self-powered and works great.

We set the presenter computer as mirrored and connect an HDMI splitter to it - one output to the projector and the second to the Magewell.

We find this a good balance of a few $$ for hardware, but keeps the network/software as simple as possible. Thanks for sharing this!