Details about layers, features between versions?

Hey Gang, I bought the entry level version to check out in more detail, but noticed there were some layers missing from the beta licensed version. What are the specific differences between the versions?  I'm looking for details so I can decide on upgrading before the discount expires.

Namely, are there differences in keying quality?  Streaming? What else? The comparison page really isn't detailed enough.

Last, I'm on b13 - I'm trying to use ML to connect through a web browser for livestreaming. I thought this was now possible without Cam Twist. Don't see it yet and now Cam Twist wont display a syphon entry for ML. Please advise and thanks.


Thanks for purchasing!

There should definitely be no layer missing. Which ones are you missing?

As for the licensing “tiers”: We will keep the app differences at a minimum to make sure everybody gets the best app experience.

For 2.0, the only feature difference will be the SDI playout: For the Private/Education version, it plays out the composed signal the same it would stream or play out to the monitor. In the Commercial and Broadcast versions it is able to use two SDI channels to play out separate key and fill signals so that it can be used as a dedicated character and graphics generator fitting a professional SDI workflow. The other differences are in support and included services. (In both cases, SDI playout hardware to be purchased separately is required)

We trust that customers do the right thing and purchase a Commercial or Broadcast license when they are making money with mimoLive or are planning to.



Danke Schoen Oliver! I was just talking on the phone with your great support rep about where to learn this. At the moment I am not using SDI but plan to at some point.
The layer I am not seeing anymore is the video switcher. Also, I will continue to need Cam Twist to create a virtual camera device for live stream sites like Is there an output sender package for mimo as before? This is important for my use case.

Thanks again.