Dependent Layers & Static Text Layer

Hey guys,

Hoping you guys can help out on this. I’m working on the recordings for my church’s services. Right now we have an embossed logo at the bottom left of our screen, I am wanting to fade in the verses at the bottom of the screen, spanning from left to right. Does anyone know of a way (or if it’s possible within Boinx) to have the Logo layer dependent on the static text layer? I want the Logo layer to fade out when the static text layer fades in, then logo layer back in when the static text fades back out.

Also, on the static text layer mentioned. Is there anyway to set a duration on it like there is on the “Lower Third” and others? I would like to be able to just hit “Live” the static text layer show for 4 seconds and automatically fade back out.


Hi Jeff,

this is currently not possible. You can assign the same keyboard shortcut to both text layer and logo. Now make sure the station logo is on and the text is off. As soon as you press the predefined keyboard shortcut, the text layer turns on and the station logo turns off. If you hit the shortcut again, it happens the other way around.