Demo of Fotomagico 5?

Hi. I own Fotomagico 4. Is there a demo of version 5 I can try out? If not now, will there be one in the future? Thanks.

Not the answer you’re looking for, I’m sure, but NO, not really. If you have a version of FM 5 (even a trial version) you can open the Demo Slideshow from within FM 5 and then save it back to your desktop. Not only will you have it saved, but you can open it like any slideshow and see what the guys at Boinx did with layers, masks, snippets, etc.

You CAN VIEW the demo – without actually being able to play around with it – off of Vimeo and YouTube. It’s just a simple slideshow presentation saved as a movie.

I tried opening the FM 5 demo from within the latest version of FM 4.6.9 and although it does “play” (and I use that term loosely), it doesn’t play correctly (meta data is displayed wrong and the timings are all wrong). It’s not a fair way to view what FM 5 can do, since the demo is not really backward compatible with earlier versions.

Of course there is a demo. Simply download FotoMagico 5 and launch it. With no license installed you are running in trial/demo mode.