Cut With Transition?

Seeking advice on how to setup a cut from one camera to another with a graphic wipe.

I am using the atem layer.

I have got a 30 frame animated wipe. I want to go from cam 1 to cam 2 under the graphic wipe. What is the way to do this?


@matlynch Thank you for using mimoLive and taking the time to ask your question.

If you use the ATEM for switching, you can not use mimoLive for animated transitions as it requires both video signals in the layer.

If the animated wipe covers the whole screen, you might get away with it if you trigger the video at the same time as you switch. To do this, use the Remote Control surface and assign an additional action to the buttons controlling the ATEM switcher.

but there a way to cut with transition in mimo? something like the ‘placer with transition’ layer but use my own animation as the transition

@matlynch if you are cutting from one camera to another on your ATEM switch then the ATEM handles the transition. I am assuming when you say, “animated wipe” you mean a stinger? Only certain ATEM switchers are able to perform graphical stingers for transitions. AFAIK the lowest cost switcher capable of doing this is the new TV Studio HD but it requires a Hyperdeck Studio Mini to do do it (so not cheap).

Theoretically, if you timed things right, you could put your stinger as a layer in MimoLive above the camera layer that receives your ATEM Program output. Activate the stinger layer in MimoLive and then hit CUT on your ATEM at the right moment. This would achieve the effect you are looking for. You could even set up a macro (using Justmacros I think) that would do this action for you, complete with accurate timing.