Cut a videoclip into chapters

I wanted to cut a videoclip into chapters for easier navigation, but when i apply the simple cut transition there is nearly always a flash between the clips. The video is a quicktime H.264 file. Should I use any other videoformat to avoid this?
I’ll now try to use a short 0.5sec transition instead of the cut, but I’m afraid the audio will run out of sync if I loose 0.5sec per cut.
Does FotoMagico use the last frame for the transition with the next slide or the last 1sec (transitiontime) and the next slide?


Since it seems that nobody at boinx-forum can help me with this, I tried a little and found out that if you shorten a clip in fotomagico, it uses the rest of the video until it reaches the last frame and than just use the last frame until the end of the transition.