Custom output 'screen' size

Hello - I’m wanting to create a slideshow in a ‘custom’ screen size - 630 pixel wide x 230 pixel tall. No problem in creating this in FM 4. But how can I export it out? I have attempted to do as Custom Video, calling out this size ‘screen’ - but the in the created file viewed in Quicktime it is highly distorted with the images squeezed to the very top and video noise on the rest. Anyhow, my desire is to end up putting this on my Vimeo account and then calling it out via an ‘iframe’ embed on my web page AT this custom 630p x 230p size. Is there anyway to accomplish? Again, the issue seems to be in getting saved on of FM.

Thank so much

Hi Jeff,

thanks for the info, we are able to reproduce this issue here. So far we couldn’t find a workaround but engineering is looking into it. So we hope we can fix this in a release in the near future.

Ok, appreciate your interest in resolving this. Thanks