Custom Layers with 20 Inputs

Has anybody created a custom layer with more than 10 inputs at 1 time? I’m looking for a gallery/composite with 20 inputs at the same time.

HI @kevinpmullan Can you post a mockup of what you want to achieve?

This has 21 inputs (20 cameras and a logo), but this is the concept I’m trying to replicate. I’m using ZoomISO to pull live Zoom video sources into each of the 20 headshot locations.

Ideally, I’d be able to adjust the size of the gallery from 1-20 (similar to how the split screen can go from 1-10 right now, I just need that layer to expand to 20).

Could you do 2 Split screens side by side?

Also, 20 video inputs could be a bit much. How many does ZoomISO support currently?

They get limited if they are hi-res (720p or 1080p), but 360p is unlimited, really.

I guess so…? How would that work?

Needs some polishing (exact calculations of coordinates), but this is the principle:

And of course 21 sources in the source column.

Interesting. Thanks @Oliver_Boinx . I’ll try this out and see if I can replicate. Appreciate how hands on you are. I’m a big fan of the tool, and the incredible customer service is certainly a big piece of that!

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Kevin - please keep up posted on this. I’d love to see a brief live demo, maybe on the next MimoLive update or perhaps as a separate more casual event - what do you think @Oliver_Boinx?

Are you using Siphon? And what Mac model/processor?