Custom layers developing guide

Hi all,

I’m searching for a guide / tutorial for developing new custom layers with Quartz composer. I need to create a layer that reads a file (text or XML) containing live race split times and shows them trailing over other layers.

Can anyone help me?



I’m quite interested myself. Looking to parse dynamic info such as temperature and stock tickers.

I am glad to hear that you try to create your own layers and unleash the power of BoinxTV! Unfortunately there is not much documentation on how to create custom layers. There is a definition for the protocol we are using to talk from BoinxTV to QC-compositions and vis versa build in the app: Go to Help-Menu of BoinxTV and open the “Creating Custom Layers” menu item. Here you will find a (almost) complete definition of the protocol. Also you should be familiar with the QuartzComposer editor by Apple ( ). (to get started you even don’t have to be protocol compliant, BoinxTV will use your composition anyways) If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them. If you can’t accomplish your needs by yourself we are offering layer development for a flat fee: Please read the “Customizing BoinxTV” section of this webpage: .

I forgot to mention that all the build in layers can be examined to see how they work: Just right click on a layer in the layers repository of a BoinxTV document and select “Show in Finder”. You will get to the Composition folder right in Please make a copy of those layers outside the application first before open them in QuartzComposer!

Thanks for your kind reply, I’m now training on quartz composer, I’ll take a look to the communication protocol asap and look into other existing layers.