Custom BoinxTV Live-Switching Computer: Hardware suggestions?

Greetings! I have recently stumbled across BoinxTV in my search for a good Mac-based live-switching application for our stage productions (the post-production editing was taking all my time…). I have downloaded the free trial of BoinxTV and really like it so far! Well designed, nice UI, and seems to do just about everything - nice work.
Anywho, to replace the post-production work with a live-switcher I really need to be able to live-switch at least four Sony HD 1440x1080i 30fps Firewire cameras simultaneously and record the output of the switching to disk. I have tested the app, and so far I am dropping frames with just one camera hooked up. My Mac is an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6Ghz with 3GB of RAM, a 1GB ATI Radeon HD 5450 and almost a TB of hard drive space running OSX Lion 10.7.3. This is a computer I built myself from brand new PC components (a Hackintosh, I guess you could say). Since I need full 30fps and record to disk, what is my minimum hardware requirements to be able to live-switch 4 HD 30fps Firewire cameras?? I’ll probably be building a dedicated machine to do this.

Thanks so much far any help!

BoinxTV is built closely to the hardware/drivers. So the first answer is: Don’t use a Hackintosh.
The second answer is: From our tests, there is currently no hardware available that can support 4 1080i cameras in BoinxTV.

Can I suggest that if you want to handle so many cameras that you should have an upstream video mixer that has a single output to boinx. So in boinx you have a single “Main Camera” layer defined, and then the upstream video mixer switches between your four cameras and then passes the (single) signal to boinx. Thus you don’t have to have a quantum computer to handle the switching in boinx, its handled before getting passed to boinx.


Sounds like excellent solution (hope that Bastian could second this)
Did you try any particular mixing board? So many out there and pretty expensive.
I would appreciate any info.

ichrisis’ Solution sounds like a good one.