Credits/Music: only collects audio snippets located in the highest track

There’s again an annoying problem: the creation of Credits / Music.

It should generate a list of all music pieces used throughout the whole show. Instead, FM6 just collects music pieces located in the very first audio track. All pieces located below are ignored! If for example, there is a cross-fade, FM6 only lists the first audio snippet because the second one sits below the first one, overlapping it partly.

With FM5, this did not happen. From my point of view, FM6 is by far not on the same level as FM5 was. It’s just frustrating to unexpectedly detect things from imported FM5 shows that behave differently or do not work.

Sorry but this is not what I had expected.

Hi @PSP-user Thanks for the feedback. You’re right, this should be more consistent.

FotoMagico 6 is a complete rewrite and we had an intense beta test lasting almost a year. Despite this, it seems that some things have escaped our attention. As this is most certainly a bug, I will let engineering know to fix it asap.

All right then, thank you.