Created my first podcast (1080p, 24fps) using a Macbook w/ Retina, does great for 5 min then choppy

Folks, I created a podcast using BoinxTV and I am very impressed. However after 5 minutes it got really choppy. I noticed the VRAM icon flashing so I’m not sure if it was my video card that was choking. It has a dedicated video card though so I’m wondering if I should just reduce the quality to 720p to prevent this? Thank you for your input.

That was your graphics card running at max and running out of memory, did you use a lot of pre-recorded movies in that show? In general switching to 720p would be my recommendation for a rMBP.

Thank you Bastian. No pre-recorded movies at all just one feed from a USB HD Web cam. I’ll downstep to 720p and hopefully that will resolve it. I appreciate the input!

I get the same problem. I need three camera feeds and would like 720p yet I can’t even get that.