Create HD slideshow & burn to Blu-ray

I have been using LQ Graphics Photo to Movie to create slideshows, Garage band to create the sound track and idvd or toast to burn DVD’s.
My questions are:
I use 900 - 1200 photo’s to create a 30 minute slideshow. PTM slows down EXTREMELY after a few hundred photo’s are added on a Quad core mac pro tower, 7 mg ram.
I want to create a HD slideshow at 1080 and burn to blu-ray.
Will FotoMagico 3 Pro perform better and create HD 1080 output?

I guess evey application will slow down significantly. Imagine the amount of data of 1000 images that have to be opened. It’s not that only their filesize when stored on a HDD but their entire information has to be loaded and parsed through the system.
I suggest you try how it works out for you, just download FotoMagico from our website (free trial).

By the way, I forgot to mention that FotoMagico Pro can output to 1080p indeed.