Create a list of used music

I often use music from portals like These songs may be used for free if the project is non-profit. BUT you have to mention the artists name.

So it would be very useful if I could just call a function to generate a list of used music. In perfection there would be a configuration panel in the settings window where I could select the ID3-tags which should be read from the music files. For example by . If a tag is missing, a fallback with the filename should be generated to be able to identify the file where the tags are missing.

The generated text should be put on a new slide which lists the titles each in a new line in sequence of appearance in the show and be without duplicates.

Thanks for your feature request!

Hello Achim,

I saw you made it possible to list the artists and many other information about the used material.

But now it’s so generic that I’d like to remove some information. One example is the information about some sound effects that are usable without being listed in the credits.

Maybe you can add an audio parameter “List in credits” that’s switched on by default.

Thanks a lot for this great piece of software.

Oh, and by the way, it would also be good to remove duplicates from the generated audio information

Sounds like reasonable improvements! I put them on our feature wish list :slight_smile: Thanks!