CRASHING in 1.9.4

Noticed a bug in the latest version. This pertains to those who forget to save your project (as I often do) .You know that BOINX will not save a restore copy of the file on its own (as many other programs in fact do). On my MAC AIR, I design a project, forget to save and close the lid on the computer (computer goes to sleep). When I open lid, there’s the BOINX crash report.

so…a bug, but also a feature request. AUTO SAVE!!!


Thanks for the feature request!

However, we believe that Autosave is not the solution for a crashing app! :wink: Therefore I looked up your crashlog submission and found two things:

  • JavaScripts is still running in your BoinxTV installation but we removed all of them in BoinxTV 1.9.4. That leads to the conclusion that you are working on old document which still have some old layers with JavaScript included. If you can, remove the layer files from the document bundle, BoinxTV will update them to the newest version automatically. If you happen to have custom layers with JavaScript please note that JavaScript causes a lot of crashes (thats why we removed it) and it would be a good idea to replace it with our LUA patch ( )

  • The crash happened when CoreImage tried to allocate memory in the graphics card and wasn’t able to do so. I am not sure how this can be effected by the computer going to sleep mode, but we will investigate.

Thanks Achim. Just a quick question. Since alot of my projects use bits and pieces from old projects…is there any way to re use and NOT have the Javascript issue?

Just tried to delete layers…There is no option. Explanation PLEASE?


Usually BoinxTV should update to the new layers automatically if it can do so. However you can force the update by removing the layer files from your BoinxTV Document as follows:

  • Find your BoinxTV document in Finder
  • Make a duplicate of it just in case something goes wrong!
  • Right click on the original document to get the context menu
  • Select “Show Package Contents”. Finder will jump into the document and present you some folders and files.
  • Navigate into the “Layers” folder
  • remove all the files in here by moving them to the trash. (Those files are stored here for backward compatibility)
  • Now try to open the document with BoinxTV again. BoinxTV will add the newest layer files once you save the document again.
  • Examine carefully you document in BoinxTV if you miss a layer or any settings