Crashing After Import

I have the most recent version of iStopMotion and I can’t import more than 7 frames without the software crashing. Can anyone help me with this? I have already tried restarting my computer, de-installing/re-installing the program, and even purchased it again, this time through the Mac App Store. Moreover, I’ve tried it on two different computers to no avail. Any tips would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Having exactly the same problem using V3.6 and our Nikon D5200 (OSX Yosemite). College work deadline looming!! Any ideas?

Update: I think we’ve sorted our problem! I’ve set full manual control (Nikon D5200), turn off VR (Vibration Reduction) and set the the image size to the smallest jpg setting (Still higher res than 1080p) rather than the raw setting. The image acquisition is then very fast and so far it doesn’t seem to crash. Fingers crossed. Hope this helps.