Crash and goes back to home screen


I just bought you gotta see this and took some pictures right after… All went ok but when i later took a look on the preview it crashed half through the generating of the preview.

And i could get the same crash again after a few tries… So it doesnt happens every time.

The room temp is normal and the iPad isnt warm… So the warm should not be the problem i guess.

Is that normal for the latest version with iPad 2 ?

Hi! Thanks for your feedback.

Brief summary: Restarting iPad should definitely help.

Here’s the full story:

Unfortunately iOS is a platform where an app may get kicked out if it is using more memory than is made available by the system at any given time. The amount of available memory is determined by the number of apps running, iPod playing in background and many other factors that an app developer isn’t supposed to know.

Generating the preview in ‘You Gotta See This!’ takes a whole lot of memory as we need to keep a lot of images in memory and depending on the overall state of iPad it may be too much. The bad thing for us is that we cannot ask the system in advance but only try to get more memory and then eventually get kicked out by the operating system as we request a tiny bit more than the system is willing to give us at that time. Technically this is not a crash, but the app gets terminated by the system for using too much memory.

Good thing is that your work is never lost. Next time you start ‘You Gotta See This!’ it will simple re-generate the preview. Depending on the state of the system it may then work or once again fail.

We observe that iPad and iPhone both degrade a bit over time, so it usually helps to restart your device every once in a while. I am really confident that your preview will render just fine if you restart your iPad.

I know this is not a satisfactory solution, but despite fighting very hard we have not yet found a better solution to the problem and as lots of the apps we use expose the same issues we believe it’s more a problem of the system architecture than of our specific app.

Sorry for the lengthy explanation, but I hope it helps understanding.