Convert 720 shows to 1080

I have a number of slide shows created at 720 and now with a new 1080 TV I’d like to convert them to 1080 format. Can I do this by just doing a copy of the entire 720 show and pasting the show into a a blank 1080 show or do I need to recreate the show by importing the actual images again?

Actually, because 720 and 1080 has the same aspect ratios of 16:9 you don’t need to convert your show. The slide positions on screen are based on the aspect ratio, if you don’t change it, you don’t need to setup a different resolution. However here is the bast praxis for changing the resolution and/or the aspect ratio:

  1. Make a backup copy of your FotoMagico project file in Finder is case something goes wrong.
  2. Open the project in FotoMagico
  3. select “Settings…” of the “Slideshow” menu, you will get a drop down sheet showing some options for your slideshow.
  4. select the “Settings” tab in this sheet
  5. set the “Stage Size” parameter to the desired resolution.
  6. click “Ok” to apply your changes.
  7. If you changed the aspect ratio then inspect every slide of your show and make the necessary adjustments if a slide is in a wrong screen position. FotoMagico is doing some magic to repositioning your slides when changing the aspect ratio but can’t correct everything in a proper way.