Control panel for video switching (and more)

I’m new to mimolive, used it on a first webinar last Wednesday.
Very impressed by the clever layout, powerful tools (layer stacks are great!) and stability.

There are a few things lacking for me and one is a decent control panel.
While the browser remote control is nice, nothing comes close to a dedicated panel with physical buttons. Especially for the videoswitcher, but maybe layer stacks could also be assigned to inputs on a panel.

Might I suggest taking a look at Skaarhoj? They make great stuff and with their ‘raw panel’ mode it should be feasible to map mimolive funcionatilty to the panels. Perhaps they would be interested in developing a device core for mimolive as well. They have dedicated camera control panels and even a slowmotion panel. So getting these to talk to mimolive could be useful in building a pro set based in mimolive for many productions that wouldn’t require an additional mixer like an ATEM.

Have you considered Xkeys?

just try the real mimoRemote app on an iPad.
you won’t regret any “hardware” buttons.
complete configurability, and you can use more than one iPad for different “sets”

Or use a StreamDeck. Simply add shortcuts to layers/layer stacks and add these to Streamdeck with the Hotkey option. And add your own icons. Done.

The iPad app is great, but the tactile feedback of actual buttons are better. You can’t ‘feel’ which button you’ve reached on an iPad screen, you have to look at it.
As for the other two, they are great options to recall commands, command sets, etc.
But for video switching, the program and preview row layout is industry standard around the world. It helps when you can put freelancers at panels they recognise and have acquired muscle memory for, rather than panels they need to learn new.
More options are good. Industry standard options are good as well.