Control Boinx via DMX

Hi together,

i have tested BoinxTV and it is a wunderful and powerful tool. But there is one question.
Can i use BoinxTV like a Media - Content Server ? We use GrandMA I and II for controling the whole Lighting.
So is there a posibility to Control BoinxTV via DMX, GrandMA-NET or Art-NET ?

If so, BoinxTV is the Tool which we need :slight_smile:

Thx for your answers


Hi Jerome,

currently there is no such functionality. Sorry.

Hi Bastian,
oh thats sad. Are there any possibilities to control Boinx via MIDI ?


I agree. Midi should be added…

Thanks for your feature request for Midi Controls. We put it on the list.

Might look into SloMo Elite by JL Cooper.
or ES-SloMo SP USB