control_a_blackmagic_design_atem_switcher_with_boinxtv [BoinxTV User Manual]

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           <p> To purchase the BoinxTV ATEM Controller, please go to the BoinxTV Buy page and purchase the “BoinxTV ATEM Controller Layer”. Right afterwards you will receive an email with an unique download link. Please download the .zip file linked and extract it. Finally you will find a .tvlayer file, that you just need to double click.</p>
           <p><a href="[]=atem">Read the full story here</a></p>
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On this page it says the requirements are:
At least Mac OS X 10.9
BoinxTV 1.9.10 or newer
Blackmagic ATEM Switcher hardware

But in the video he added two extra UltraStudio Recorders? Whats up with that, are those also required to use the ATEM TV Studio with Boinx? If so why aren’t they mentioned and why can’t you just access the ATEM which is already hooked up to the computer? Why would you plug in the ATEM to the computer twice?

Also if both of the mini recorders are in both of the thunderbolt ports, how do you plug in the ATEM without a thunderbolt port for the Ethernet? If your live streaming you want the computer plugged directly with ethernet right? So, to plug in the ATEM, the mini Studios, and web connection you need 4 Thunderbolt ports???

@NVmultimedia There are inexpensive USB Ethernet Adapters. Otherwise you can connect your ATEM to your Infrastructure network and connect to it via Wifi.