Constant crashing

First let me say that I am an idiot-but we have been running our Facebook Live broadcasts through Mimo for years with no issues. However about a month ago our broadcasts started regularly interrupting. We had downloaded all updates, tried re-installing the program, etc. In the last week our issue has been that when we open a show to try to start a broadcast, we get minutes worth of freezing and pinwheeling and we can never even start our broadcast. These various issues have been consistent for about three weeks now. Can anyone help?

@GlennClarkRadio I’m sorry to hear about the issues and thank you for reporting. Can you please let me know what version of the OS you are using and could you send me the file you can’t open to

I’ve also had a lot of crashes. I seem to get them mostly because of video sources being connected and disconnected (on purpose or accidentally) while mimoLive is running or even when these sources are changing screen resolution or frame rate.

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I have experienced some crashes too. I think is something about the Black Magic stuff. But, we are not using some features like facebook comments - this crashes all the time and Mimo closes, we are not using some divided windows… we are trying to do the basics. I love MimoLive since de beginning. But, the crashes are inevitable. Our show goes live everyday from 12pm - 1pm. Most of the time we have an issue.

  • The video sources are all in 1080p (mp4/m4v)
  • The camera is a Black Magic
  • The computer is a new iMac
  • I use the lower third with alpha in ProRes4444

Sometimes when we are using Window Capture, Mimo closes.

I really don’t know what to do. Chroma Key for the weather I do only with the 3.2.1 version. My dream is to keep using MimoLive, the newest version, without crashing.

Thank you guys!!

link for the attraction:

Today this was the problem.

Take a look in the 6’29"… I was using the Presenter 2D + Window Capture. Look what happened.

@eMilty I’m sorry to hear about the crashes. Can you please send the crash logs to Here are instructions on how to obtain the information:

@“Paulo Sérgio” We also want you to continue using mimoLive! I’m sorry to hear about the crashes. Thanks for sending all the videos. Can you please also send the crash logs to (Instructions:

@GlennClarkRadio @eMilty @“Paulo Sérgio” We released a new beta version 4.5b2 which should help with crashing mimoLive on mac OS Mojave. Please can you download this version and test it with your setup? Feedback is highly appreciated! Thanks a lot!