connectivity issue Canon XA10 to Mac iStopMotion 3

Hi, I have connected via HDMI cable Canon XA to MacBook Air, operating Mac OS X Lion 10.7 but iStopMotion 3 is not detecting it :frowning:
Tried finding other discussion threads to solve but to no avail. I’d be grateful for help. Thanks!

Do you have a HDMI capture device connected to your MacBook Air? The MacBook Air HDMI port is an “out” port. You can’t feed in HDMI here. So plugging your camera directly to your MacBook don’t work, you need a HDMI capture hardware. Unfortunately the HDMI capture devices by BlackMagic ( ) don’t work with iStopMotion 3 anymore. Currently only iStopMotion 2 is working with them.

Thank you Achim, that’s helpful, I’d be grateful for advice which BlackMagic box would make sense in this case to buy? Many thanks!

Yes, the devices from BlackMagic are very good.