Connecting the Panasonic AF100

I am trying to connect a Panasonic AF100 to BoinxTV. The usb to connection from the AF100 camera only mounts the media of the camera and doesn’t support a live feed. There is full HDMI out and HD-SDI out. Do you know how I would connect a HDMI output from the camera, to an iMAC. Is there a HDMI to firewire cable?

Is the Panasonic AF100 a supported camera?

The USB connection doesn’t support live out. what iMac do you have? does it have a Thunderbolt port on it? if so you have a couple of options, but the most cost effective would be the BlackMagic Intensity Extreme, will set you back about $350 after you buy the Thunderbolt cable from Apple. your non TB option would be the HDMI to HDV firewire box from Grass Valley. they retail for about $650. The last firewire cam on the market I saw was either a Panasonic or JVC for broadcast, they were running about $5,000.