Connecting 4 cameras

I have two JVC GY HM700u cameras with SDI-HD/SD BNC outputs.
I have one JVC GY HM100u camera with an HDMI output
and lastly a JVC GZ E10AUS camera with an HDMI output.

I have a MacPro 8core with 12 GB ram, 3 Terabyte harddrive. I have purchased the BoinxTV software. I believe there are 2 PCIe slots available in the computer.

What hardware do I need to run all 4 cameras into BoinxTV in HD for the easiest possible use of BoinxTV by students.

Please help.

We listed some of our equipment on our website here: Maybe something works for you? However we can’t recommend using four cameras in HD resolution because the amount of video data will stall the CPU.

My question maybe naive (I am not a computer dude).
When you discussing running 4 cameras through BoinxTV, you mean running them simultaneously, or merrily placing them in the Layers in the BoinxTV, would couse CPU overload?

Just connecting the video cameras to the computer won’t hurt. BoinxTV is smart and only runs a certain video source if it is used somewhere (either Preview output or Live output). But when you are going to switch to a sleeping video source you will get a little hick up because it takes some time to establish a connection to the device and filling buffers etc. This hick up you usually want to avoid. Therefore you run all your video sources in the background to have a smooth transition between them. That can cause a lot of CPU load. The Video-Switcher layer forces all video sources to run to guarantee a smooth transition.