Confirmation of a Potential Workflow using BoinxTV

Dear anyone who can help,

For my new job: My boss is wanting to have two cameras be live mixed on a Mac product, with the content being saved to a hard drive and to be later ingested into Final Cut Pro 7. From researching, I believe BoinxTV to be the live mixing tool I need. I’m wondering if someone can confirm that my current workflow could work using BoinxTv.

2 Sony XDCAM PMW-100’s --> Matrox MXO2 Device (Maybe Thunderbolt?)–> MacPro/IMac/MacbookPro w/ Retina (I’m not sure which Mac product would be the best) --> BoinxTV --> Hard Drive

Thanks in advance.

This is possible. You’d need one capture device per Camera. I’d recommend a Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder per camera. If I read the camera specs correctly, the camera also delivers a HDV stream over firewire so you could also just get Thunderbolt to FireWire adapters and connect the cameras using FireWire. You need to make sure the cameras can deliver a progressive signal over HDV or HDMI (whatever you choose to use). I’d go for the Retina MacBookPro, as is has two Thunderbolt ports and the horsepower that is required to run this in HD.

Bastian, I am currently using a blackmagic intensity to thunderbolt for one camera using the HDMI from the camera and on my other thunderbolt port I am using an adapter to firewire. Could this be why my video glitches?

Can you specify what happens when your video “glitches”?
I’d suggest identical inputs, since firewire and HDMi have different latencies.