I was going to ask why the discussions only dates to April, but it seems the forums are new?

And do we get an email when a response appears??

I know there are the example configurations, but it would be helpful to have more detailed examples of more possibilities. eg. Can Boinx handle simultaneously a few webcams via ethernet and a Firewire camera as well?

Sharing more info about the wider range of possibilities is what would help.

Hello wapack,

welcome to this new forum! I hope you will receive this message also as an email.

BoinxTV can handle many different sources. QuickTime is our main video source provider, and in general: what works with QuickTime, will work with BoinxTV too. Also BoinxTV can handle multiple sources at the same time. Anyways you have to make sure that the CPU is capable of doing the hard work of decompressing all the video streams at the same time, otherwise your machine will stall, which results in frame drops in BoinxTV. You can embedd a webcam by opening it in a web browser and use our screen capture source to capture the certain screen portion to bring it into BoinxTV as a regular video source.