compositing backrounds from image files

I ve got iStopmotion 2 and was trying to composite my own backround images but when I click choose file I do not get any drop menu leading me to my image files ? Do I have to upgrade to do this ?

What flavor of iStopMotion do you have? Where exactly do you see the “choose file”?

I ve just got Express downloaded and can now find the image files. which I use for backrounds…but what I really want to do in iStopmotion animation is to combine these these backrounds with 2D hand drawn figures…can this be done without laborously filling /blocking in each frame onto the figure with marker and colour

Currently I don’t see a good way of doing that unless you can bring your drawings in as transparent images.

That would mean painting the back of the transparencies with white or a colour…I was hoping to stay with the ease -of -use of iStopmotion rather than get into any other animation software like Flash which I find hard to use…have any other iStopmotion animators had this dilemma.?

To be quite honest, I don’t know. I guess most don’t need backgrounds. Maybe we have someone on the forum that is an animator that can help?