Compatible with Mevo Cam ?

Hi, Perhaps anyone used or knows if MimoLive will work properly and be compatible with with Mevo Camera and its features? ( The Mevo shoots in 4K and via an iPhone app it allows to select regions on the frame to crop and by this allows to edit the video on the fly.
Any idea how will the MimoLive work with this camera?

In any case, can anyone please recommend what would be the recommended camera to use with MimoLive?


Great question about compatibility with MEVO cam… Any updates on this?

I’m trying to figure this out as we speak. Would love to get some input Boinx Gurus!

I have one, I’ll try and run some tests this weekend.

We’re currently investigating how we can support the Mevo camera. Unfortunately, Livestream (the owners of Mevo) seem to have removed the SDK for the Mevo, so it is unclear to what extend we’ll be able to support it.