Color Correction filter issue

Hello. Apparently, the Color Correction filter applies some correction even without touching any of its settings. Why is that happening?

P.S. The same happens with the Levels filter.

This is since the first day: Some say, it’s an error while converting colors, others say, it’s a generation problem, caused by a prerendering through a billboard/sprite patch. I follow the second theorem.

The same phenomenon is caused by reading below with a syphon layer/sub instance.

Try to use your source as a custom background at the text source. Yes, source (not layer). This will cause the same effect.

Unfortunately, some performance optimized functions cannot calculate infinity values, so a pre rendered image has to be used as a base (known render dimensions).

Hi @Gabriele_LS The cause of this is an unintended color space conversion in macOS with Quartz Composer. We‘re trying to find a way to work around this for a long time now. The good news is we’re making progress with replacing Quartz Composer with our own code based on Metal where we’ll have better control over this and a consistent color space.


Hello @Oliver_Boinx, thanks for the explanation. Color correcting is crucial when you are getting video signals from many different sources (cameras, online calls, screen scraping, etc.). I hope you are going to fix that behavior soon.

“Replacing Quartz Composer” – wow, that sounds like a significant task.

Has Boinx considered converting to Vuo?

Vuo would probably be a 1:1 replacement, and would still allow end-users to develop custom layers.

It is significant but not impossible.

We’re following what’s going on with Vuo but there are several important design differences to QC. Our goal is a drop in replacement that allows us to keep the current compositions unchanged.

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Then how about supporting Vuo layers just for custom layer creation? :grinning:

I love the idea of a replacement. Who knows, maybe there is also an editor then, which contains some kind of mimoLive-simulator-patch, which provides demo-content (layer API stuff) inside. For me it was always the hardest to test layers for mimoLive in QC, before importing them into mimoLive.

Please don’t get me wrong: I’m not able to use QC like a pro, these NOODLES and the instability drove me crazy - btw, on BigSur and the M1mbp it crashes less, than on Catalina :smiley: . But I’m able to fiddle a bit, to have some tiny tweaks available.

I’m so happy to read about the replacement!!! WOOHHOOO

For QC we have a 10.13 virtual machine.

Interesting thought. mimoLive’s layer stack is designed around QC in a way that makes it hard to adapt to Vuo. We’ll make sure that it’s possible to create custom layers in the furure, though.

Thanks for the tip, @Oliver_Boinx . Which version of QC is installed? The latest (last)? I want to give it a try. I know that I won’t have any luck with the M1mbp, but with the intel machine, I could give it a shot.

Hi folks, this issue is fixed in mimoLive 6.1.1b1

Please check it out and let me know if that worked for you.