Color changes after opening in photoshop

Hello Forum,
when I open a single image in photoshop (to retouch it) and save it again to my stopmotion project, the colors shift a slight bit. Does anybody why that happens and how I can change that?
Is it about color profiles? I couldn’t find anything about that in the forum.

I open the images in photoshop by right klicking and selecting “open in photoshop”.

Thanks for your help! Lisa

Hi lisa

just noticed your post…

I use Affinity Photo for editing the frames exported from iStopmotion and i experience the same colour shift.

Colour profiles is the likely cause, because if you change the colour profiles you can affect the amount of colour shift but not eliminate it.

My solution currently is to export all frames (i.e Select All > Export Selection as images) to a folder and then edit the ones i need to (keeping them with the same name), then create a new file in Istopmotion and import all the frames back in (Movie > Import images from disk) , this way all frame are colour shifted the same amount and you cant tell.

This does mean that you need to do all you’re editing once at end, and can’t do it on the fly, but that is what post production is, i suppose.

I have reported to the technical team, this was their reply…

Dear Kevin,

Thank you for contacting Boinx Software Support Team.

I’m afraid that you have discovered a problem that requires time to be fixed. Most likely it will be included in the next release of iStopMotion on 64bit platform.

You can try changing the Color Profiles under the settings:

System Preferences > Displays > Color > Display Profiles

Try to select one of the Adobe RBG ones or the “Apple RGB”.

Please let me know if it helps.

Best Regards,
Eugene Miles,
Support Team,
Boinx Software Ltd.

Kevin (Key Frame Studios)