Colon in session name gets substituted with forward slash, causes unwritable files

We recently set up a MimoLive session with a colon “:” in the name of the session. MimoLive substituted the colon with a forward slash “/” without notice. When it came time to do a file recording on this session, the recording silently failed - without error - because there now was a forward slash in the filename, which is not supported on MacOS.

So really this is two bugs:

*) Colons get replaced with forward slashes
*) An invalid filename causes MimoLive to silently fail to write to disk, without error. The only way to tell is the recording status icon flashes red briefly and then returns to green.

@axk I’m sorry that you experience this issue. Thanks for reporting the bug. We’ll fix this in the next release.

@axk Thank you for reporting this. It will be fixed in one of the next betas where colons will be substituted with “_”. Let me know if that works for you.

Great! Thank you. That will work great.